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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jamere Holland Is Gonna Be A Star!

A star on, that is.

After wrongly assuming that a fellow teammate on the Oregon Ducks football team got kicked off for a DUI charge, he posted a profanity-laced status update on Facebook. Whatever, no big deal there. He's just sticking up for a friend, someone he goes to war with on saturdays. I can respect that. Shit...I DO respect that.

However, he then inexplicably posts another status update about wanting to block out all his white friends on Facebook and only have black friends. You could argue either side on whether that is racist or not. If you don't wanna be friends with a group of people, even if it's just because of their race, that's ultimately up to you. But, obviously, saying something like that will have consequences. Especially when you're a representative of a highly scrutinized college athletic program like the University of Oregon football team.

Not surprisingly, the team's coaching staff had enough of his transgressions (apparently, there were past ones at Oregon and he was already kicked off USC's football team prior to joining the Ducks) and have kicked him off the team.

But back to his racial comments, I have some news for you, Jamere. You CAN exclude white people and only have black friends on Facebook. It's called saying no to the friend requests. So unless you're a compulsive facebook friend whore, you can totally do that without having to put people on blast. In fact, doing that probably would've bought you some time to grow up and possibly not sabotage your football career. Oh well.

His privacy settings are open to public so feel free to check out the status updates in question (as well as future ones) at Jamere Holland's Facebook page.

But only if you're black.

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